About us


Mimi Mei is a beauty and wellness brand created in Latvia. Mimi Mei is about loving yourself and the world around you, accepting yourself and the world. Mimi Mei's first product - conceptual 3 product set for facial care has also been created with love. 

We like simple things, so the secret of the perfection of our products lies in their simplicity. Their composition consists of known or heard ingredients and their texture is light, silky and airy. Mimi Mei is based on love for nature where we believe that human is a part of nature, so our body accepts best what comes from nature. 

The Mimi Mei brand is more than body care products. It is a process of learning and self-awareness, it is and will be a whole journey. 


Our milestones

Choose nature

Skin is the largest organ in our body. One of the main functions of the skin is to protect the body from external factors such as chemicals, weather, bacteria, etc. While being the protector, the skin itself becomes unprotected and can be affected by a lot of negative factors. Even every product we use on our body have some effect on it. Products with too many chemicals can damage our skin in serious way. That’s why we recommend  only natural cosmetics. With Mimi Mei  you can skip the ingredient check because none of our used ingredients are harmful. 

Safety first

It is very important how we treat our body and it deserves the best. The best means something harmless and safe. Creating our brand, main rule was that our products are completely safe and can be used by everybody, that’s why Mimi Mei products have been made by professional chemists and every product has passed safety tests to go with it.

Save time & money

The market is so big that it is hard to understand what you really need. There are plenty of products which treats all kind of problems, but the truth is that a lot of these products are just marketing tricks. So finding the right product can take a lot of time and  money. Having Mimi Mei facial care kit guarantees your skin all the essentials it needs. We can promise  that with Mimi Mei your search for the perfect product will finally be over.